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And So The Future Queen Wore McQueen…

29 Apr

… and she looked STUNNING!

I am so glad (and surprised) Catherine Middleton chose Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to make her dress. Lee McQueen was a master of bespoke British Tailoring and Sarah Burton has managed to carry on this strong sense of craft whilst  adding her own subtle elements

But back to Kate’s gorgeous gown; I LOVED IT. I especially loved the ivory satin bodice and how it emphasized her tiny waist and the drama that was happening at the back (finished with 58 gazar and organza covered buttons fastened by Rouleau loops). I’m a flamboyant girl so I would have been disappointed if she had just shown up in a plain lacy A-line number… got’s to bring the drama! I like the contemporary and Victorian combination feel to it. Very Grace Kelly on her own big day, no?

I just found Sarah Burton’s official (I guess) statement on being commissioned to design Kate’s dress. Here’s bits of what she had to say… (Source via Fashionologie incl images)

“It was such an incredible honour to be asked, and I am so proud of what we and the Alexander McQueen team has created. I am delighted that the dress represents the best of British craftsmanship. Alexander McQueen’s designs are all about bringing contrasts together to create startling and beautiful clothes and I hope that by marrying traditional fabrics and lace work, with a modern structure and design we have created a beautiful dress for Catherine on her wedding day…”

O.K. my laptop is going to catch fire if I don’t switch it off soon… also my brain cells are officially fried from lack of sleep.

Congrats to the couple… Y’all better live happily ever after!


What Designer Shall The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) Wear?

29 Apr

QUICK… Last minute guesses!!!

I HOPE its Alexander McQueen (Sarah Burton) like a few fashion observers are predicting, but I’m not sure… I find Kate’s style to be way too understated and quite honestly BORING. I know I’m not going to win a lot of fans for saying that especially since everyone is trying to make her this century’s style icon.  To me, she has no sense of adventure… which is why I doubt it she’ll choose McQueen

Based on Kate Middleton’s previous sartorial choices she may pick a less avant-garde designer like Julien Macdonald, Catherine Walker or Bruce Oldfield… OR what if she decides on a couple of british designers instead of just  one  fashion house? For my own selfish reasons I do hope she has picked McQueen

S/N:  So Kate’s given names become non-existent as soon as she gets married and unless the queen gives her a name she will be called ‘Princess William of Wales?

Oh the Joys of Matrimony!


Kate’s mother is wearing a Catherine Walker suit so that cancels her out for the gown, no?…

More Favourite looks from McQueen..

15 Feb

Remember the stunning Cate Blanchet rocking this look? I have a feeling Mr. ALT looved this look.. Hee hee..Aargh.. McQueen would have been the perfect person to design my wedding dress..OW!


This look had me speechless when Cate Blanchet wore a modified look to the Curious Case of Benjamin Button..


Stunning in a Spring 2010..


Always heading the cue to change..



ALEXANDER MCQUEEN… (March 16th, 1969- Febraury 11th, 2010)

15 Feb

On Thursday February 11th I was inspired to wite a post on Lee McQueen’s  Spring 2010 Ready- to- Wear collection after watching the movie Avator.. I was comparing the trailblazing projects of James Cameron and McQueen.. and then I saw the headline… I am sooo not ready for this.. first Michael Jackson and now Mr. McQueen.. WHYYY?!!

I’ve always said that John Galliano and Lee McQueen made me really fall in love with fashion.. I remember being in Uganda; my father had just insatalled the satelite dish and the first I did was turn on the fashion channel..

I was used to seeing models clip clopping down the runway like ponies in the latest designs.. and then one day  I saw a show that stretched the imagination to new heights.. the Givenchy Autumn 1997 runway show..  It was the first time (besides Galliano and YSL) in awhile that I’d seen a designer go beyond just showcasing their clothes on waif models and nothing more.. it was ART.. from the twisted braids, to the make up and the cut  of the clothes..I wasn’t in love yet, but I was intruiged.. so I started doing what little research I could at that time.. I found out that years earlier while taking an apprenticeship at the Savile Row tailors he reportedly embroidered a suit for the Prince of Wales with the words “I am a c**t” (in the lining).. and then next I saw the Givenchy Autumn 1998 show which included car-robots spraying paint over white cotton dresses and double amputee model Aimee Mullins striding down the catwalk on intricately carved wooden legs.. I WAS IN LOVE..!!

Mr McQueen, I will miss the drama and extravagance that  you brought to the catwalk, your original, brutally sharp style and wicked sense of humour..

Below are some of my favourite looks from different shows over the years..

Here’s what he had to say in an interview with Sarah Mower On the “Asylum collection,” where he forced the audience to sit and confront its reflection in a mirrored box for an hour before the show:
Ha! I was really pleased about that. I was looking at it on the monitor, watching everyone trying not to look at themselves. It was a great thing to do in the fashion industry—turn it back on them! God, I’ve had some freaky shows.”

The Asylum Collection The Asylum Collection 2001The Dance of the Twisted Bull"You know how everyone is doing the "underwear as Outer wear" lately? Well McQueen and Gaultier were way ahead of time..



I remember having dreams about this look..