What Designer Shall The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) Wear?

29 Apr

QUICK… Last minute guesses!!!

I HOPE its Alexander McQueen (Sarah Burton) like a few fashion observers are predicting, but I’m not sure… I find Kate’s style to be way too understated and quite honestly BORING. I know I’m not going to win a lot of fans for saying that especially since everyone is trying to make her this century’s style icon.  To me, she has no sense of adventure… which is why I doubt it she’ll choose McQueen

Based on Kate Middleton’s previous sartorial choices she may pick a less avant-garde designer like Julien Macdonald, Catherine Walker or Bruce Oldfield… OR what if she decides on a couple of british designers instead of just  one  fashion house? For my own selfish reasons I do hope she has picked McQueen

S/N:  So Kate’s given names become non-existent as soon as she gets married and unless the queen gives her a name she will be called ‘Princess William of Wales?

Oh the Joys of Matrimony!


Kate’s mother is wearing a Catherine Walker suit so that cancels her out for the gown, no?…


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