Glorious Weddings…

20 Feb

One of my best friends is getting married soon *happy dance* I’ve been asked to brainstorm a few ideas for the reception… here are some of them. Thought?

Green and Fuschia.. escort cards

I never knew about this 'menu' @ the reception bit..

We could put a single red rose instead of the orchid..

Kiwi and bronze hues... so imagine kiwi and red or fuschia..

I think it’s alot easier to pick 3 colours instead of 2 (I should know.. I paint) so far my fav are green, fuschia and clementine… find springy colours that make you sigh..

I mean... hullo!

this could provide additional seating for guests..

I'm kinda loving this..

Kool, huh?

Most of these looks came from real weddings.. check out their magazine too.. and don’t forget Colin Cowie.. You know how he looves give poeple a JDM (Jaw Drop Moment)? Lets go for that, shall we?



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